Ukuli (‘u:-ku:-le) is a Rwandan word that means "honest." We bring joy to your taste buds with our delicious chocolate while also providing African farmers a fair price and decreasing child labor and trafficking. Integrity is at the heart of all we do.

Our craft chocolate bars and truffles are made with love and cacao beans, sourced ethically from farms in Africa. We create every batch of deliciousness locally, using our Bean-to-Bar process. We meticulously select our beans for the best flavors, and then roast them, stone grind them for three days, and temper them to achieve the perfect snap. Our flavors are inspired by Midwestern foodie culture.

Meet the Founder

After learning that 70% of the world's chocolate is grown in Africa, Marc embarked on a journey to discover the distinct flavors of African grown cacao and share them with the world. For many years, child labor has been a prevalent issue in the cacao value chain in Africa. Marc began Ukuli Chocolates to make a difference and support African farmers who are doing the right thing. 

Ukuli Chocolates started as an idea in Marc’s kitchen and later became a reality when Ukuli Chocolates won an award from Marquette University.